Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tour de Fleece, 2008!

I joined the Tour de Fleece group in Ravelry, where we are to spin each day the Tour de France is running... here is the roving I'm currently spinning:

This is my first dyeing project - I took a class at The Weaving Works on June 28, the hottest day of the year, but I didn't mind. I'd been waiting for this class for 2 months, and was so excited. My two goals this year was to learn stranded knitting, and to learn to dye (and not be afraid to do so). This is 4 oz of Superwash Merino (meaning the wool is quite fine, and is washable).

So my goal for TdF is to spin sock yarn with my own hand painted rovings... this is what I have as of day 2 (on my new Ron Antoine bobbin!):

I'm pleased with my progress, but I'm such a beginner!! Maybe by the end of the Tour I'll feel more confident.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Oh I love the colors in your yarn.I would love to learn yarn dying I cant wait to see what else you spin