Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Lifelong Quest

Ok, I keep searching the web and everywhere I go for my ultimate prize... miniature notions. So I decided to try here.

Remember when Barbie dolls first came out? My family couldn't afford the clothing, and my mother made beautiful dresses for my doll, but oh how I wanted just one of those pink frothy dresses - not for the doll, but because of the teeny tiny zipper. Even Ken's slacks had a tiny little zipper!

So where did they come from? and where did they go? They have to be someplace.

Every web site I check says it has tiny zippers, but what I find are SHORT zippers. The coils they show continue to be regular size. As for buttons, I need little tiny "pewter" buttons to do true miniature Norwegian sweaters .. I could make them from Fimo, or similar clay, but zippers! sigh...

So if anyone has a supplier, or knows maybe where these things could be found please let me know!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mr. Rogers Sweater Day

I've been busy.

In honor of Mr. Rogers Sweater Day (March 20), I made a tiny cardigan based on the one in the Smithsonian. I even did my first pattern for it, which you can now find to the right. Be patient with me! It's my very first! :)

It also has an outline of how I did the steeking in case anyone wants to see that. I created this blog partially to help me and any others who want to learn the joy of cutting into our wonderful knitting slog our way through the learning curve, so although I'm far from an expert, maybe my trials will help others. Feel free to give any helpful comments and hints!

I've also have a little norwegian cardigan waiting for buttons, and my first norwegian pullover. On the pullover I have to figure out how to do the neckline (I'm thinking like a zippered neckline? only not zippered...) and I'll have pictures up of them soon.