Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Lifelong Quest

Ok, I keep searching the web and everywhere I go for my ultimate prize... miniature notions. So I decided to try here.

Remember when Barbie dolls first came out? My family couldn't afford the clothing, and my mother made beautiful dresses for my doll, but oh how I wanted just one of those pink frothy dresses - not for the doll, but because of the teeny tiny zipper. Even Ken's slacks had a tiny little zipper!

So where did they come from? and where did they go? They have to be someplace.

Every web site I check says it has tiny zippers, but what I find are SHORT zippers. The coils they show continue to be regular size. As for buttons, I need little tiny "pewter" buttons to do true miniature Norwegian sweaters .. I could make them from Fimo, or similar clay, but zippers! sigh...

So if anyone has a supplier, or knows maybe where these things could be found please let me know!!


Helen said...

Hello I have tiny buttons on my website I've never come across tiny zips though....
Happy miniature knitting

C├ęcile said...

Your miniature sweaters are adorable! I too used to look for miniature notions without much success. I'm not doing doll-clothes so much now except for the sweaters, but I did find miniature Norwegian pins and the little purse clasp for doll-sized bunads last summer. Ask for more info if you want.

I need an e-mail to send you the cap patterns, so stopped over here to see if you had an e-mail link.

Can you send me an e-mail address?

Ceci from Ravelry

Jen said...

These aren't as tiny as the ones you're thinking of, but they're smaller than some...! I want to find the super tiny ones, too. :)
(check the photo of the zipper on the doll)

Linda Watson Mickelberry said...

Thank you Jen, Cecile and Helen. Jen, those look great!!