Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm back....

I apologize profusely - I've been very bad with my blog. sigh.. no excuses.

I've been cheering on my daughter in her push to make the 2008 Olympics - what a ride! She's an archer, and totally blows me away when it comes to her ability to concentrate for days at a time. She wasn't even planning to try for this Olympics, but a coach insisted she go to the first tryout (to pick the top 16 women in the country) and to our shock she came in 11th! so the race was on.... that was September. Jump to April, and forms/passports/ack!! and off to Chula Vista for 3 days of competition. She didn't make the top 8, but did a great showing and now we can relax and concentrate on normal competitions (like nationals, worlds, etc ACK!!)

She definitely didn't get this from ME!

Ok, back to knitting :)

I'm now up to 4 little norwegian sweaters and took a little break from them to make some socks... here's the sweaters:

I made my first "pullover", and was pleased with it.. I find for some reason it is a bit more difficult for me, maybe because I didn't have the guide of the middle of the sweater (the front) and I wasn't too sure about putting in the collar. But, it's my first and I feel good about that.

I'm also working on my second pair of socks ever, "Baudelaire
, by my very favorite sock designer, Cookie A. I also joined a few sock forums on Ravelry, and even a sock "Pentathlon", where we will make 5 different socks over the year, with 5 different techniques.. I'm looking forward to it, and have purchased my yarn for the next 3 :). I'll put up a picture of my Baudelaire when they are done. Got one done... working on the next!

I also joined my first "swap" - kind of like a secret pen pal, for those who are not familiar with that phrase in knitting. You list a few of your favorite things in an email to a moderator (colors, what's on your needles, etc) and the moderator matches you up with someone else anywhere in the world. This particular swap is for the Caffeine Addicted group, so we are exchanging yarn, a mug or cup, and either tea or coffee... I'm having a lot of fun shopping for my "swappee" :) :)

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Anonymous said...

And I had a lot of fun finding things for your swap box too! :) It is in the mail and hopefully it will travel to you in no time at all. It is coming from overseas though so I hope it doesn't take too long. :)