Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dale of Norway Osteralen Hat Completed!

Ta Da!!

I finished blocking it this morning, and was allowed by my neighborhood LYS Village Yarn and Tea to take it's inaugural photo in their wonderful shop on one of their obliging models. :)

I really like this hat design - it's a bit different from the normal close fitting cap. My Dear Daughter Erin has taken a liking to the DON St Moritz, and I may make her the same design with the St Moritz pattern in the blue colorway (I'm getting downright cocky!)

I found that once I got the hang of stranded knitting, it went quickly - you kind of get addicted to seeing what comes next. I'm in the doldrums of doing the long "nothing but white" on the scarf right now, but I'm determined to finish it!


Beth S. said...

Very nice work! I love that there are great little "extras" like this in the Dale pattern books. Are there mittens too? Then you can have the trifecta. ;-)

grandmat said...

Your hat is absolutely beautiful. I'd certainly be proud to wear it.

Janet said...

Great work on the hat Linda. I like it. I'm a great fan of Dale of Norway things but don't seem to get around to knitting them.

Linda Watson Mickelberry said...

Thank you all! As for mittens, I visted my LYS Village Yarn and Tea and saw Teri Shea (author of "Selbuvotter") with her class and thought I would take that class next and then try to do mittens with the Osterdalen motif. Stay tuned!

Terri_sis said...

I finally got a look at this, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person.