Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not giving up

Well, I started my scarf for the 6th time, found some errors, tried to fix them, realized that fixing them in stranded knitting is more difficult than other types of knitting, and ended up tearing it out again. I will NOT give up, but have WAY more respect for fair-isle knitting than ever before, and I had a lot of respect for it then!

What I am learning:

1) patience (natch)
2) you can't (or I can't) knit fair isle quickly... enjoy the process
3) while I like dpn for socks, I'm not so excited about them on a scarf

What has gotten better:

1) my continental knitting

What has gotten worse:

1) my tension (knitting tension) throughout.

I'm not giving up - I don't expect this scarf to look fabulous, though I do tend to be a perfectionist, but I do expect it to be a learning piece and therefore will continue to take it out if I am not happy with bits.

On the third Sunday of every month there is a "Nordic Knitting Cafe" at the Norwegian Heritage Museum... I think I'll go sit in and watch the experts.

1 comment:

Terri said...

Enjoy the process - applies to so many things in life; a great lesson to learn!! your sis