Saturday, May 17, 2008

My first swap

I know I haven't posted for a looonnnggg time, but I just HAD to show this - the box I picked up from my mailbox today was from my wonderful swap partner "NadKnitBlog" in Germany.

For those of you who are not familiar with swaps (and up until recently, that included me), think of a pen pal.. only bigger! This swap was organized by a forum I am a member of in Ravelry (a fibre addicted persons website). The forum is called "Caffeine Addicted", and we sent our names into the organizer with a completed questionnaire of our likes and dislikes, and that organizer matches you with someone else. I got to send a box to my buddy in Italy, and my buddy from Germany sent this! All that is said is to send yarn, a mug (or cup) and the caffeine of choice, but we are free to add what else we want and she went OVERBOARD!! Whee!!! My sister and I plan to have a tea and chocolate party tomorrow! (the coffee is all MINE!!!!!) The yarn is from her LYS (local yarn shop) and the coffee is Fair trade and only sold in her state of Saarland.

Thank you NadKnitBlog!!!


Nad said...

Squee! It arrived!!!! SO glad you like everything, it was so much fun to shop for you!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a lot of gift !!!
Mama from France from
Swap world gift community, penpals and friends all over the world